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-----------------------------NUCLEAR ENERGY----------------------------------

In light of recent events in Japan, I have gone out on the web and thanks to the New York Times, I have put together a learning experience to help students have a clearer understanding of Nuclear Energy and the reactors that use it to generate electricity

My goal is to help students have a clearer understanding of nuclear power, how nuclear power plants work, and the benefits and risks associated with nuclear energy.

The class will be split into the five following topics and generating "news bulletins" that will help their peers have a better understanding of the events transpiring in Japan.

The following links will be helpful in putting together your news bulletin.

Argonne National Lab’s Nuclear Resources for Schools page

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Energy Kids page

The PBS “Frontline” feature “Nuclear Reaction: Why Do Americans Fear Nuclear Power?,” including its glossary of nuclear terms

The International Atomic Energy Agency site

The links listed below are specific to the topic being researched:

Nuclear Energy and Fission

Nuclear Explained

How Nuclear Power Works

Basic Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Power Plants

What is nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy 101: Inside the "black box" of power plants

What Are Spent Fuel Rods?

Risks Associated With Nuclear Energy