Every experiment proves something.

If it doesn't prove what you wanted it to prove,

it proves something else. ~~ Prof. Anon

The Steps of Scientific Inquiry

First we must learn about and develop the Steps for Scientific Inquiry

You will be following the quest worksheet given to you by Mrs. Ryan
1. Click on the following link: Read through this site and list the steps for Scientiic Inquiry

2. Using the following tutorial: Click on observation then click next after you have read each section of the tutorial

Define the following terms as you go through the tutorial:
Critical questions
results (data)
Further Scientific Inquiry

After you have finished the tutorial do the tutorial activity. Make sure to record your score!!

The following document contains the notes and vocabulary for this unit


Here are some helpful activities to further your understanding of generating and analyzing data.

Now take the QUIZ to check your understanding.

Now for some practice with mean, median and mode.

Now take the QUIZ to check your understanding.

 MEET the DAPHNIA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


We have asked a question, so now we must research and become knowledgeable about our topic............

Using the Web Quest you will be given in class,

Click on the links below to find out about our experimental critters.

Step 1 : Daphnia: Getting To Know You

Step 2: Daphnia: Getting to Know All About You