Intro to Magnetism

These are the Notes for the Intro To Magnetism:

The Magnetosphere To begin your webquest to answer the question "What is the Magnetosphere?" Click Here


Notes for Electromagnetism

Study Guide for the Test =)

Energy Project

Forgot how to read your electric meter? Check out this short video from YouTube

Meter Reading Rules

1. Read numbers from left to right.

2. If needle is between two numbers go with the smaller number.

3. If it's between 0 and 1 its 0 , if its between 9 and 0 the 0 is a 10 therefore the smaller number is 9.

4. If the needle is directly on a number, look at the dial to the right: If between 9 and 0 go with the smaller number, if b/t 0 and 1 go with the number the needle is on.

This is the Meter Reading Project Document in case you lost yours=(

Don't forget to read your meter every day at the same time!! If you were unable to read your Electric Meter, here are pictures taken of mine..

The following excel document is for the second part of your energy project: