Static Electricity

Important concepts to remember:

Opposites Attract

Like Repels

Click on Van der Graaff Machineto learn more about how it works

Static Notes:

Your Electronic Game

These are a few things that can help with your electronic game.
Remember your game MUST have a electric circuit and be battery powered.

This file contains the specs and rubric for your game or toy

This file contains some ideas or inspiration for your game or toy
(This is much clearer and easier to read than the ones I passed out in class!!)

Click on Electronic Game Idea for more inspiration
The following link from Energizer has even more ideas to help you with your game: Battery Powered Games

Electric Circuits

Circuit Notes:
The following Videos from YouTube are the ones I showed in class to explain Ohm's Law and how to solve Ohm's Law problems. They were created by Derek Owens
Ohm's Law Explained:

Ohm's Law practice problems: